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HTTYR: Infrared Control

2014-04-26 15.50.11

This post is part of the series: How To Train Your Robot.

The leJOS EV3 menu has a Tools Screen that provides some simple tools for accessing sensors and controlling motors:


The Remote Control tool can be used to drive your robot about with the LEGO Infrared remote.

When you select “Remote Control” and press Enter, if you have no EV3 IR sensor plugged in, you are shown this screen:


If you plug your EV3 IR sensor in to one of the ports, it is detected and you see:


Select the channel that corresponds to the ports that you have your motors plugged in to, on your LEGO Infrared remote. For example, I have used ports A and B, so I select channel 3 by pulling the red slider down two notches.

I  can now move my robot about by pressing the red and blue up and down buttons.

If I press the two top buttons, the robot goes forward. If I press the two bottom buttons, it goes backwards. If I press one of the top buttons, and the other bottom button, the robot spins left or right.

Happy driving.

When, you have finished, press the Escape (Quit) button on the EV3 (or do it remotely via EV3Control).



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