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HTTYR: Map Command


This is one of a series of posts on how to control your robot.

In order to navigate your robot around your house, it would be useful to have a map of the floors of your house. leJOS EV3 supports maps as a set of lines in svg format. You can produce such a map with an svg editor, such as this online one.

Once you have produced such a map, you can you can load it with the EV3MapCommand tool. See the Load button in the picture.

Once you have your map, you can connect to your EV3 robot. The robot needs to be running the MCLTest sample program, but if you check the “Upload program” box, the program will be uploaded and run for you.

You should then place your robot somewhere in the mapped area. You will need to set your robot position using the right-click context menu, and selecting “Place robot”. You should set  its heading using the “Set Heading” slider.

Once your robot has been positioned, you can start using navigation commands to move it around. One way to do this is using the context menu and select “Goto”. You can rotate the robot with the Rotate slider.

Another way to move you robot is t use the context menu to set a target position. You can then use the Calculate Path to find a path to the target and then use Follow Path.

You will  need to use the configuration menu to specify the parameters of the pilot that moves your robot about. You can also configure which path finder to use and other parameters. Explore the menus and commands to see what else you can do.

As dead reckoning using the motor tachometers is used to keep track of your robot, you will find that its position gets inaccurate after a while and you will need to reset it.




One thought on “HTTYR: Map Command

  1. I am interested to know about Map Command and MCL. Is there any video on it that can be easily understand by new beginner like me? Thank you.

    Posted by Japi Pija | 2015/09/15, 05:57

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