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Getting heading from a gyro

The EV3 comes with a gyro sensor. This sensor measures rate of turn or angle over the vertical axis. Rate of turn is the speed at which the sensor rotates. This is also known as angular speed and is expressed (in leJOS) in degrees per second. Angle is the change in position of the sensor … Continue reading

Arduino EV3 UART Emulation Library

The previous article explained how to create LEGO Mindstorms EV3 UART sensors using an Arduino. There is now an Arduino library called EV3UARTEmulation that makes wrting the Arduino program a lot simpler. For the Nose sensor, the program is now:

Arduino UART sensors

Do you want to create your own UART sensors for the EV3? Here is how to do do it using an Arduino. We will implement a Nose sensor for our robot, using an MQ-2 gas sensor that you can buy cheaply from ebay. The Arduino in the picture is a rather big Arduino Mega 2560. … Continue reading

Audio playback improvements

For some time now I’ve not been happy with the playback quality of audio in leJOS on the EV3. Although the EV3 speaker is small we really should have been able to do better. The audio playback mechanism used in 0.8.1-beta and earlier is based upon the standard Lego audio playback kernel modules. It works … Continue reading

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