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EV3 LIDAR Sensor

I had planned that my next article would be part two of the series on line following (part one is here), however a new sensor from a company call PULSEDLIGHT (http://pulsedlight3d.com/) caught my attention. Basically this sensor (the LIDAR-Lite) provides a relatively low cost laser based range finder that provides centimetre resolution with a maximum distance … Continue reading

Line Following & Cooperating Robots (part 1)

Following on from the series of articles about EV3 to EV3 communications I wanted to build some actual robots and have them cooperate, but I wanted to keep things simple and avoid the complexities of navigation and dealing with the environment as much as possible. I wanted to be able to concentrate on the cooperation side … Continue reading

LeJOS navigation: The Chassis

The next version of leJOS EV3 (the one after 0.9.0-beta) will bring a new addition the the navigation classes, the Chassis. It serves as an abstraction of the drivetrain of a mobile robot and translates movements of the robot into instructions to the motors. The Chassis encapsulates the the math involved in this process and makes … Continue reading

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