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The long wait….

…. is over. The new release of leJOS is here. leJOS 0.9.1 brings computer vision, cooperation, extra brains and improved locomotion to your robot. Continue reading


LeJOS navigation: The Chassis

The next version of leJOS EV3 (the one after 0.9.0-beta) will bring a new addition the the navigation classes, the Chassis. It serves as an abstraction of the drivetrain of a mobile robot and translates movements of the robot into instructions to the motors. The Chassis encapsulates the the math involved in this process and makes … Continue reading

PAN, the leJOS answer to daisy chaining

Andy wrote a series of articles about connecting multiple EV3’s and how to get them to work in a coordinated way. This exciting new feature will become available in the next (post 0.9.0-beta) release of leJOS. Make sure you are prepared, read the articles and start saving for your next EV3. Continue reading

Sensor calibration: accelerometers

The previous post in this series discussed some of the background of sensor calibration. In this post we will actually calibrate a sensor. As an example we will use a three axis accelerometer. Accelerometers are common sensors, most smartphones have one to orient the screen. Several third party vendors sell accelerometers for the EV3. Accelerometers … Continue reading

Sensor calibration: a bit of background

LeJOS supports sensor calibrating using filters. In short series of posts we will look at  the calibration filters shipped with leJOS to see how they work and how to use them. This post provides some background that will help you understand how calibration works. Why and when do you need to calibrate a sensor? Well … Continue reading

A new release!

leJOS EV3 0.9.0-beta has been released, 8 months since the previous release. Was it worth the wait? Well let’s see what this release has to offer. Java The leJOS EV3 Windows installer now supports both 32 an 64 bit versions of Java, 64 bit being the default. If you install the 64 bit system you might … Continue reading

MIDI controlled robots

When I was a young kid we had the most intriguing device in our local warehouse. It was a glass box with monkeys in it. Not real monkeys, but to me they seemed alive. Each monkey had an instrument, flute, banjo drums, etc. and they sat in a nice scenery with palm trees. Every time you … Continue reading

Getting heading from a gyro

The EV3 comes with a gyro sensor. This sensor measures rate of turn or angle over the vertical axis. Rate of turn is the speed at which the sensor rotates. This is also known as angular speed and is expressed (in leJOS) in degrees per second. Angle is the change in position of the sensor … Continue reading

Using filters with the sensor framework

leJOS 0.5.0-alpha for the EV3 introduces the sensor framework. The framework focusses on the quality of the data coming from sensors and on the ease of use of sensors. The elements of the framework are described in detail in the wiki. In this post I will discuss filters. Filters are objects that alter a sample … Continue reading


Welcome all, This blog is about leJOS, the Java programming environment for Lego Mindstorms. It will keep you informed about leJOS and its community. New releases will be announced here and plans for the future will be revealed here. It will explain what you can do with leJOS and how to do it. The blog … Continue reading

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