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The long wait….

…. is over. The new release of leJOS is here. leJOS 0.9.1 brings computer vision, cooperation, extra brains and improved locomotion to your robot. Continue reading


A new release!

leJOS EV3 0.9.0-beta has been released, 8 months since the previous release. Was it worth the wait? Well let’s see what this release has to offer. Java The leJOS EV3 Windows installer now supports both 32 an 64 bit versions of Java, 64 bit being the default. If you install theĀ 64 bit system you might … Continue reading

Arduino library for EV3 UART Sensors

If anyone is interested in using EV3 UART sensors like the IR, Ultrasonic, Gyro and Color sensors, from an Arduino, I have written an Arduino library. See above for the output from the test program when the Color sensor is attached. This is all part of getting leJOS working on the BrickPi.    

leJOS on the BrickPi

We are just starting to look at porting leJOS to the BrickPi. This is my test vehicle.


Welcome all, This blog is about leJOS, the Java programming environment for Lego Mindstorms. It will keep you informed about leJOS and its community. New releases will be announced here and plans for the future will be revealed here. It will explain what you can do with leJOS and how to do it. The blog … Continue reading

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