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Using the PCF8574 IO expander with the EV3

Mindsensors sell a breadboard sensor making kit with a PCF8574 for the NXT. I bought one a long time ago, and I thought I would try it on the EV3, after seeing some interest in the chip on the leJOS forums. I am using the sensor in read mode to read a set of buttons. … Continue reading

Homemade IMU

Here is an example of a more useful homemade EV3 UART sensor. It is an IMU that uses an MPU-9150 breakout board that can be bought cheaply on ebay. I am usinh a cheap Arduino Nano clone. The sensor supports 4 modes: Temperature, Compass, Gyro and Acceleration. The last three are all 3D, and have … Continue reading

Webcam as Color Detector

You can also use a webcam to detect colors: You will need to record some mono wav files in a program such as Audacity, export them as 16-bit PCM and upload them to the EV3, in order to get the name of the color spoken when it is detected.

Webcam Streaming

Following on from Andy’s post on Webcam support, here is how to use your Webcam to stream color video to your PC. The leJOS program is: And the PC program is:

Webcam support

One of the really cool things about the EV3 is that it runs on top of a fairly standard Linux system. This means that it is reasonably easy to hack the system to do new things and support new devices. One of our users Gabriel Ferrer has been doing just that. In this thread and … Continue reading

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